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Asian with American Accent is referred to Native Born USA Chinese Citizens

A place where America is free of crime, social problems, diseases, & stupidity.
Least amount of crime in America - Asian with American Accent 
Least amount of social problems in America - Asian with American Accent 
Least amount of diseases in America - Asian with American Accent 
Highest IQ on planet Earth - Asian with American Accent 
These are controllable factors you can control.

Definition of Asians:
Asian Fresh off the Boat (FOBS) = Asians with Asian Accent = Usually Immigrants 
Asian Not Fresh off the Boat (Non-FOBS) = Asian with American Accent = Usually Native Borns 
Asians with British Accent
Asian Hybrids = Mixed Race Person

For the past 200 years of American history, statistics show Asians are the best. Statistics doesn't lie.

Make America great by improving people, culture, religion, and heritage in America.
Just Be Asian. (Native Born USA Chinese)
Edmond Choi is the official spokesperson for America.

Make America Great! Just Be Asian!

Applaud Asian men and women for Making America Great!

Asians are Autobots in the United States of America

Gung Ho

"Asians are better!"

What do these 3 topics all have in common?
Corrupt Politicians, Bad News Teams,  Bad Cops ...
Liars and Frauds ...
What if they were all related? Who do you trust? This country is all screwed up.
The entertainment industry says "Only the worst people are on TV, Film, etc." That's why there are no Native Born USA Chinese citizens on TV or Film because they are the best in the nation. There is nothing to celebrate in Hollywood. Celebrities are people not to be celebrated. They are sometimes the worst people in the industry. 



Jesus Christ
The Biggest Criminal in America...AKA Dead Christian Person

MP watching you